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As a smoker, I know how hard the habit is to kick. I’ve probably used 3 or 4 different smoking cessation tools in my life, and none of them have worked long-term.

volcano e cig kitBut then there is the issue of my car. I really don’t like stinking up my nice vehicle with cigarette smoke. I also don’t like using the ashtray inside the vehicle, as it tends to blow over and make the car dirty overall. So the solution for me for a long time was not to smoke while driving. On long drives, I would take breaks to smoke instead of smoking within the car.

That was until recently. More and more of my friends have begun using e-cigarettes, and some of them swear by them, assuring me that they satisfy nicotine cravings just as well as regular cigarettes. So not long ago, I gave them a try. Overall, I was impressed by the little, battery-operated devices. I notice that I do need to vape a bit more to get my fix, but in the end it does satisfy my cravings.

Not to mention, it is far more convenient and clean to use e-cigarettes while driving. So now, I no longer need to take frequent cigarette breaks. All I do is keep a couple e-cigarette batteries and cartridges within my car, and I’m always good to go.

Now, in terms of which e-cigarette to buy, the choices are numerous. I personally favor Volcano e-cigs because they are small, convenient, and have a decent battery life. You can get discounts and coupons for this vendor quite frequently by visiting I prefer the smaller magma batteries myself, but if you’re a heavy vaper, you might want to go for one of their bigger battery packs.

Volcano E-cigs are pretty affordable too. I order them online straight from their website, and I always use a volcano e-cig coupon for 10% off. I get my batteries, e-liquids, accessories, and everything I need from this one vendor.

If you want to read more about e-cigs in general, I recommend this website:

Many car enthusiasts buy posters of their favorite vehicles and put them up in their office, home, bedroom, or at their place of business. This can be a great idea, and some of the nicer posters look really great when framed. But recently, I’ve come across a more artsy, more unique way to display your enthusiasm for cars. That’s by taking a photo of your favorite vehicle and getting a canvas print made out of it.

discounted canvas prints from canvas peopleFor those of you who are not in the know, canvas prints a photographs that are printed on a canvas. They are kind of like a hybrid of photographs and paintings, if you want to think of them that way. Like a painting, they are thicker, bulkier, have texture, and are more interesting to look at in my opinion. I mean, let’s face it – posters are everywhere and while they are sometimes impressive, we are all kind of bored of them. A canvas print, on the other hand, has a greater “wow” factor based on the fact that they are highly unusual.

You can make a canvas print out of any photograph you have, or even from stock photography. So why not get a canvas print made of your favorite vehicle? I prefer to take my own photographs. The only thing you need to be sure of is that you use a high quality digital camera. Take the photo at the highest resolution your camera will allow, since this will give you more options when it comes to choosing the size of your canvas print.

I like to use online vendors like Canvas People for my prints. One of the reasons I choose them is because I can get Canvas People coupons from sites like For instance, I recently used the coupon at for my order and saved a good chunk of money.

Now, when it comes to what type of vehicle you should put on your canvas print, that’s a highly personal choice. I favor sports cars since they look the nicest to me, but other people like to use trucks, jeeps, or other popular vehicles. Just don’t waste a good canvas print on something dull like a sedan!

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This goes without saying, but if you are buying or selling a car, you should always check Kelly Blue Book prices. They provides vehicle prices for both new and used vehicles, and although there are many factors that go into determining the value of a car, Kelly Blue Book prices have always been the best place to start.

It used to be that getting Blue Book prices wasn’t all that easy unless you knew where to to get your hands on one of these books. This is no longer the case, since you can go to the Kelly Blue Book website and look up prices online. The URL to go to for this is:

I highly encourage you to bookmark this link and make it a habit to visit the site every time you’re in the market to buy or sell a car.